Privacy Policy

The registration data, and other personally identifiable information, collected within the ProfitTips app is not directly obtained, processed or stored by the ProfitTips app. Any paid in-app subscriptions within ProfitTips are purchased through Google Play/ Apple Store and therefore ProfitTips does not directly handle any private information. For more information regarding the collection, procession and storage of the data provided, please refer to the respective app store (Google Play/Apple Store).

ProfitTips uses the services of Google Play and Apple Store to distribute its app to all users. The Google Play and Apple Store platforms collect various information which can be verified by the user through Google and Apple Store’s Terms of Use. The information that is available on this platforms is not directly related to the user, but rather it is concerned with the way the user interacts with the application.

The Google Play and Apple Store platforms have integrated analytic tools which collect information about the rough location within which the application is being used, i.e. country, as well as information about in-app events. More details about this information can be found on your Google Play and Apple Store account.

As a user of these services, ProfitTips ensures that this information is not passed on to third parties and is only used to improve the quality of the app and the services being employed.

ProfitTips uses the services of an additional analytic tool, Firebase, which aims to record events for navigation between in-app screens, the pushing of buttons, notifications, initial installation and de-installation of the application. This information is not available to third parties and is used to improve the quality of the application and the service provided. This data does not contain sensitive user information such as name, age, email etc.

The application does not directly or indirectly collect any user information that may link a transaction to a user’s personal data and/or its payment services. However, there is direct access to information related to them. Payments in the app are made using Google and Apple secured transactions as the only information available to the ProfitTips team is the transaction ID. This ID cannot be directly linked to personal data or payment services of an individual user. The user can cancel a transaction/subscription as detailed within Google Play and Apple Store’s respective account settings.

The communication between the application on your device and the servers are carried out through a TSL encrypted connection, thereby ensuring that any information passed between the two is safeguarded.

By selecting a region inside the application you subscribe to receive the most up to date promotions based on your occupation. This information is present only on the device and will be used to provide tailored experience.

Finnaly, please gamble responsibly.