Who are we:

ProfitTips is a leader in the sports betting tips industry. Our team of tipsters is compromised of highly proffessional individuals, who have worked in the field of betting for a long time.

What is our mission:

ProfitTips aims to show that sports tips can be a profitable investment, if the game is played right. Our top tipsters offer the best possible tips with high success rates. In order to cash in profitable wins, we don’t recommend combining all matches on one slip. We also advise you not to bet an amount that you cannot afford to lose.

Why should you sign up for GO VIP?

Our premium membership offers you the best possible tips, which are developed by proffessional tipsters. GO VIP offers you exclusive success rates, with our membership costs being many times lower than competing applications and websites – this is benefits you too!

Why should you Grab Combo?

ProfitTip's new option gives you ready-made combo tips, with a minimal odds of 3 and over. This option was created after you, our clients, continuously asked us for complete tickets. That's how we decided to create this new option, which if you buy now, you will receive a free VIP membership for the whole period of your Combo membership.

Why are our prices the lowest on the market?

Despite our application being one of the best available in the app stores, our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest on the market! The reason behind the low prices can be attributed to our longterm strategy, and our desire to draw in customers with varying standards and financial opportunities. ProfitTips is available in a number of European countries, and worldwide, where our low prices allow all users the chance to sign up for our VIP subscription, no matter where you are from!

How to use Favourites:

Favourites is an easy and comfortable option for all our users. Through it, you can add matches which interest you, and have been tipped by us, to the separate field Favourites. When you add more than one match, the application automatically works out the overall coefficient for the matches. In addition, using the Favourites feature, you can save all of the matches which you have placed bids on.

How to contact us:

You can contact us through our Facebook page, or through our email profittips2018@gmail.com

How can I cancel my subscription?

All our customers can terminate their subscriptions at any given time. Due to Google Play and App Store regulations, ProfitTips is an application which will automatically sign you up for further membership once the old one has run out. If you wish to avoid being charged after your membership has expired, you can cancel your subscription through your Google Play or App Store settings. However, we recommend that you try and work with us in a long term plan, in order to be able to accumulate even bigger profits. ProfitTips cannot be held accountable for any misinformation on behalf of its clients in relation to monthly subscriptions.

Finally, please gamble responsibly. www.begambleaware.org